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Outdoor living spaces can take many different forms.  It should have places to sit and tables for beverages and snacks or dinner. It can be chairs around a  patio table, a table in the pool, the lanai/outdoor kitchen or a few chairs around a fire bowl.

Lanai’s or patios are a wonderful way to expand your home. In Florida we spend a lot of our time on the Lanai starting with your morning coffee or late afternoon cocktail.  A place to relax, hang out or even cook. If you have the room, an outdoor kitchen can make your home an even better spot to entertain and increase your home’s value. An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a patio area with a few comfortable chairs and an outdoor grilling area. Or it can be a luxurious freestanding structure that houses a sink, a refrigerator and even a grill or brick oven.

Furniture is another important thing to consider. Outdoor furniture allows you to be able to enjoy your landscaping and to express your decorating tastes. Remember to look for materials that will stand up to the weather; rain and Florida’s humidity. Provide adequate seating for your guests or just you and your family.

Lighting can provide ambience to your landscape as well as adding safety and value to your home. Lighting along walkways and driveways can provide visual guidance while up-lighting trees and plants add drama. Solar lights use cells to convert sunlight into electricity, which is stored in batteries to illuminate the lights when it gets dark. Solar lights have no wires and all are easy to install and maintain. Unique lighting can also make the outdoors look like the indoors or as my neighbor says “it looks like a resort.”

Fountains; the advantage of fountains is that anyone can add a water feature,  regardless of space or budget. The sound of water can be very soothing and enjoyable. Fountains add a cool feeling to the garden and come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a small container, a barrel or a large pond. Consider adding a fountain to create interest and value.

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