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Here is a tip storing extra sheets … Fold sheets flat and place on top of the box springs. When it’s time to change the sheets, you just pull out the fresh set

Make yard work easy on hands … I love working in my yard but after awhile my hands end up blistered and achy – even if I wear gloves. So instead of buying new tools with padded grip. I use heavy duty rubber bands to wrap a kitchen sponge around the handle of my old tools. The sponge is perfect cushion to ensure a comfortable grip.

Easy key to streak-free windows … No matter how thoroughly I wash my windows, the glass still dries with cloudy stripes or streaks. The secret to windows that shine? Wash them on a cloudy day. Heat from the sun’s rays causes soap to dry before you can clean off the glass, leading to streaks. Doing this chore when the sun isn’t as strong gives you time to wipe away the cleaner.

Placing plastic forks in your garden deters critters from getting to close.

Keep ants away from patio… for a low cost chemical-free way to get rid of the unwelcome guests, simple peel a cucumber, then place the peels along the edge of your patio. Ants can’t stand the bitter scent or taste of alkaloids in the peel, so they’ll head off in search of a new place to call home.

How to kill weeds naturally … Pour boiling water on weeds, the water scalds the plants quickly killing them. or Mix 1 gallon of vinegar with 1 oz. of dish soap and spray on weeds. Vinegar kills weeds and soap helps the vinegar stick to the leaves.

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