Tips on Pricing Your Home in Today’s Market

                            choices figureThe more you know about your local market the better. What’s the demand for a house like your in your market area? What’s been sold, what price, DOM, days on the market, like kind, 6 months ago. 3 months ago. Any pricing contingencies or concessions? Be sure to look at the listing price & selling price.

  1. Analyze who is buying and selling your area. What’s the competition? Who are the Buyers? Are you competing against new homes, bank owned, foreclosures? What type property
  2. Ask a Professional, Realtor in your market place. Ask about Market conditions for your area and prices. Ask about Absorption rate- in the current conditions with current inventory, how long would it take the market to absorb, or sell all the homes on the market?
  3. What’s your home worth? Talk to Agents, Check the Internet sites like Zillow,,  Bank of America. Get an appraisal. This will give you a good idea of what your home is worth and what a buyer will use as a guide to his offer to purchase your house.
  4. Consider Strategic pricing: 30 – 60 – 90 day pricing. 30 day pricing to get a sale within 30 days. So you must price it to get sold in 30 days. This price is a “cure all” rather than fixing up what it needs.  60 day pricing is when you have negotiating room but still realistically priced to sell in 60 days, but you would need to “fix all” and “stage” for getting a sale.  90 day pricing is Market Value which 80% of Realtors would say is Want “Smoking Hot” Deals in Cape Coral/Fort Myers?
  5. Real Estate in Cape Coral/Fort Myers will work for you!  So will I !
  6. the price to list without consideration of time but requires fix all and staging. “Stage well and it will Sell” May be “over priced”. Every home has a “price break” or price point. Get a lot of interest and possible multiple offers.

Real Estate in Cape Coral/Fort Myers    will work for you!     So will I  !

Want”Smoking Hot” Deals in Cape Coral or Fort Myers?


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