Some Uses for Hairspray?


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  1. Do you want to extend the life of cut flowers – just hold a bottle of hairspray 12 inches from the blooms and spray the underside of the leaves and pedals. Let dry, then place the flowers in a vase. The hairspray will leave behind a film that seals in freshness to keep blooms from fading.
  2. Stop a screw from loosening – no matter how many times you tighten the screw on the  hinge of your front door, it always gets wobbly after a few days. So after tightening it as securely as you can, coat the screw head with hairspray. Then the spray dries, it creates a polymer seal that will help prevent the screw from loosening as the door opens and closes.
  3. Keep brass fixtures shiny – To tarnish-proof brass fixtures in your bathroom or throughout the house, spray a coat of hairspray on them after polishing. Tarnish is caused by metal reacting with compounds in the air, but hairspray creates a barrier that stops the element from mixing, leaving you with fixtures that gleam.
  4. Easily lift pet hair from furniture – when the sun is streaming through your living room window, Fluffy just loves curling up on the couch so she can soak in the warmth. The problem is your couch is covered with fur! To remove it, spray a generous amount of hairspray on a cloth and immediately use it to dab at the loose hairs. The fur will cling to the sticky-wet residue for easy cleanup. Just be sure to test in an inconspicuous spot first.
  5. Ensure curtains stay dust-free – If the bottoms of your drapes always collect dust, try applying a few coats of hairspray to the hem of the curtains. Once dry, the spray creates a barrier that keeps dust from attaching to the material. (spot test on delicate fabrics.)
  6. Eliminate a stubborn stain – that hot fudge sundae you splurged on was worth every bite …but you spilled some of the chocolate syrup on your shirt and you’re out of stain-removing spray. The in-a-pinch solution: Spritz hairspray on the stain. Let sit for 1 minute, then launder as usual. The rubbing alcohol in the hairspray will break down the sticky food residue, which will then be washed away in the laundry. (This trick also works to remove lipstick and ink stains.)
  7. Restore a fraying straw hat – If your trusty straw gardening hat is looking a little worse for wear after a few seasons of use, try spraying the outside of the hat with hairspray. When it dries, the spray leaves behind a hard coating that seals fraying straw and adds a touch of shine, so your hat looks new again…


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