Some Secrets for Playroom Organizing

Where to start: Begin by using four boxes; keep, donate, trash and other room

  1. Toys that are broken, throw away….
  2. Toys that are never or almost never played with and never held the child’s interest, give away…..
  3. Bath toys, clothing or outdoor toys need to be put back in their proper places……
  4. Toys that are being held on because of nostalgia, create a memory box or special shelf…..

Which toys does my child play with and which does my child get bored with? Consider rotating the play things to create a fresh interest. Then maybe on a monthly basis, switch out the playroom stash for a renewed sense of playtime. Label in a box or shelf in the closet.

Labeling helps keep track of these things. For things/toys that keep their interest place in a permanent space in the playroom, designated containers and label accordingly. For pre-readers; not only include the word but a picture. This serves a dual purpose of word recognition and getting toys back to the right spot.

Small or loose pieces:  Things like board games and puzzles can easily get their pieces separated.  An idea for puzzles, try framing the box cover and storing the puzzle pieces on the back of the frame. This has a dual purpose; décor and a practical way to keep it all together and up off the floor. For games, take them out of the box and store them in identical,  easily stackable containers. Keep puzzles and board games out of reach, so you can keep track of what is being used. Be sure to establish the “one at a time” rule.

Hide it away:  Curtains can be used to cover that toy shelf. Containers under a bed can be slid in after use. A bench with storage can be a great as a reading nook or double as a bookshelf. A small ottoman that your child can sit on, that also has room for dress up clothes or other toys.  This will help contain the mess.

Enjoy the little ones because as we all know, “they grow up so fast!” Just don’t get discouraged if it takes your children a while to understand this new system.


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