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Select-a-size paper towels

I love those paper towels that allow you to choose full or half sheets, but they are a little pricey. Here is a simple solution:

Cut a regular roll in half. Just place the roll on a cutting board and use a sharp serrated or electric knife to carefully slice through the center, then store the two halves on your paper towel holder. Wow!


Old fashion way to brighten whites;

The most effective no-bleach strategies for keeping whites from getting dingy. Add 1/2 cup of borax and vinegar to the wash cycle. Wash clothes as usual, then hang them outside to day so the sun’s ultraviolet rays can naturally brighten the fabric. Wow!


Fix furniture dings for less;

Just reach for a walnut. Its oil will camouflage faint scratches on light -colored wood like maple or beech. : remove a nut from its shell and use slight pressure to rub the nut on scratches. Then rub your finger over the area to help the wood absorb the oil. Wow!


Clean a grill grate with ease

Try a scrub-free cleaning tick: remove the grate and place it in a thick plastic garbage bag, then pour in 3 cups of ammonia ( which will break down stuck-on gunk), close the bag with a rubber band, and lay it flat in the yard for 24 hours. Before opening, put a painter’s mask and rubber gloves on, then grab the grate and hose it off.  Wow Done!


Cool down drinks – – fast!

Your BQ guests are due to arrive in 30 minutes and you forgot to chill the drinks. Here’s your save; wrap a wet paper towel around each bottle and can and stash in the freezer for 15 minutes. As water from the paper towels evaporates (after you’ve removed from the freezer) it draws heat away from the drinks so they cool off quickly. Wow Saved!


I hoped you enjoyed my quick tips for some home solutions.

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