“Retiring and Relocating?”

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You have worked your whole life and saved and now it is here, retirement.

The question is where do you want to live your life.  There are a lot of good retirement communities, but how do you know which one is best for you?

Here are some things to think about if your are relocating:

What’s the climate going to be like? Have you always envisioned  sunny and warm all year round? Have you always wanted to live where you can experience the four seasons? If you have never  spent a significant amount of time in a certain climate, ask the people there about the pros and cons. It’s important to find these things out ahead of time, so there are no ugly surprises by the time you finally have gone through the moving.

What about medical services? It’s important to consider your proximity to the nearest major hospital, the availability of long-term care facilities and if there are any specialist in the area that can address your current medical concerns.

Will you be able to see your family and loves ones? You don’t want to move so far away that you never get to see your family and friends. I’ve always said you are only 2 – 3 hours away if you fly, so be sure you’re close to an airport.

Can you afford to live there? Check the cost of living in your desired location. Make sure your money will last. Consider the taxes in this area and how it will impact your income. Does the state have an income tax? How will this affect your pension? Also, how much will it cost to cover insurance, utilities and living each and every month?

Does the area have the lifestyle you’re looking for? Is there enough to do to keep you busy? Are you interested in outdoor activities, cultural activities, or going to shows and restaurants? Make sure you are living in an area where it’s easy for senior citizens to get involved and meet others. Visit the area and research it before you leap.

Moving to a new retirement area is a big step. With a little research and good planning, you can ensure a smooth transition from your working years to your retired life.


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