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Today the Florida Realtors news states safety information and focuses on: [ How to Keep You Safe during Showings and or Open houses] I felt this was to important not to pass on.

  • Valuables. Remind customers that strangers will be walking through their home during showings or open houses. Tell them to hide any valuables in a safe remove keys, credit cards, jewelry, crystal, furs and other valuable from the home or lock them away during showings.
  • Prescription drugs. A growing number of real estate professionals are reporting the theft of prescription drugs from seller’s homes during open houses. To safeguard against this, suggest your clients remove or lock up all prescriptions.
  • Personal information. Sellers shouldn’t leave personal information like mail or bills out in the open where anyone can see it and potentially copy down Social Security numbers or details from credit card or bank statements.
  • Electronics. Advise sellers to turn off computers and lock up laptops and any other expensive easy to pocket electronics, like mini iPads before showings.
  • Impromptu showings. Tell your clients not to show their home by themselves. Alert them that not all agents, buyers and sellers are who they say they are. Tell your sellers not to talk to other agents or buyers, and to refer all inquiries to you.
  • Pet protocols. Instruct your clients that they are responsible for their pets. If possible, remove animals during showings. Make clients aware that buyers and agents are sometimes attacked, and the owners will be held liable.
  • Doors and windows. Let your clients know that when you leave their property, you will make sure that all doors and windows are locked, but that when they return home, they should immediately verify that all doors are locked and all valuables accounted for.


Thanks for reading this important information. If you or anyone you know is in need of real estate advice please do not hesitate to contact me.

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