Quick Tips to Save You Money!

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Some quick tips that can save you time and money:


Wet Mop pads for less!  Your Swiffer mop makes it easy to keep floors clean, but the replacement pads are pricey. A low cost alternative; generic baby wipes. Simply fit a wipe over the bottom of the mop and secure as usual. Inexpensive baby wipes contain gentle cleansers that pick up dirt just as well as the more expensive mop pads.

Nix musty closet odors! If your linen closet is smelling a bit less than fresh, moisture in the stagnant air inside the small space could be to blame. To eliminate the odor: place a bundle of chalk inside an old pair of panty hose and set it inside the closet. The chalk will absorb odor-causing dampness in the air to get your closet smelling fresh. For best results, replace with new chalk about once a month.

Key to sparkling chrome. When you pulled your bike out of the garage for your first ride of the season, you spotted rust on the chrome. to remove it, dip a cloth in cola and wipe it on the rusted areas, then crumple a sheet of aluminum foil into a ball and buff. The acid in the cola loosens rust while the aluminum scrubber cuts through grime. Your bike will look like new!

Easily clean an egg oops! While you were making your famous brownies, an egg fell on the floor. Don’t try to wife up the mess – raw egg won’t cling to paper towels or cloths, so even serious scrubbing will leave behind a slimy film. Instead, cover the spill with salt and let it sit for about 10 minutes. the egg will stick to the grains of salt so you can wipe it right up.

How do you banish garden slugs? Nothing ruins a vegetable garden faster than an invasion of slugs, so here are two tips to deter the pests. Place coffee grounds around plants. The strong scent will keep slugs away from your garden. or, bury an empty yogurt cup in the soil and fill with beer. Slugs will crawl inside but can’t escape.

How to keep your bouquet from drooping.  Simply slipping a straw over flower stems keep them from drooping.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy these little tips.

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