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10 Brilliant uses for Toothpaste;

  1. Help headlights shine bright – use a paper towl to rub a bit of non-gel toothpaste in small circle on each headlight, then wipe clean with a damp cloth. the gently abrasive paste scrubs away dirt without scratching the plastic.
  2. Freshen up plastic water bottles – You wash your reusable water bottle daily, but over time it’s developed a mildew odor that affects the taste. Squirt a dime-size amount of non-gel toothpaste in the bottler and clean with a scrubbing brush, then wash as usual. The toothpaste’s cleansing and deodorizing agents nix the smell so you can sip worry=free.
  3. Fog=proof a bathroom mirror – apply a dime-size dot of non-gel toothpaste to the mirror. Rub with a soft cloth, then buff clean with a damp cloth. The paste leaves an invisible coat that keeps steam from fogging up the mirror for a month.
  4. Erase crayon marks from walls – to remove crayon marks from the wall, squirt non-gel toothpaste onto the spots and use a scrub brush to rub the marks ways. Micro scrubbers in the paste will quickly buff away the crayon residue but won’t damage the paint on your walls.
  5. Eliminate odors from hands – the salmon you made for dinner was delicious, but now you can’t get the fish smell off your hands! Try washing with non-gel toothpaste. The abrasive paste will scrub away odor- causing molecules and leave behind a minty scent.
  6. Restore shine to kitchen chrome – to spiffy up a faucet, spread toothpaste on the surface; let sit 10 minutes, then buff off with a soft cloth. Detergents in the paste polish away soap scum and water marks, plus help prevent new marks from clinging to the chrome.
  7. Clean a toilet in seconds – squeeze a dot of non-gel toothpaste onto the inside of the bowl, then scrub with a toilet brush and flush. Toothpaste polishes the enamel the same way it does your teeth.
  8. Lift heat marks from a wood table – the bowl of soup you had a lunch left a white heat ring on your table. To erase it; mix a dab of non-gel toothpaste with a pinch of baking soda to make a paste. Use your fingers to gently rub the spot until the paste feels warm, then wipe with a damp cloth. The abrasive combination of toothpaste and baking soda lifts the discoloration.
  9. Hang posters without pushpins – dab non-gel toothpaste on the back corners of each poster and press onto the wall. Toothpaste acts like an adhesive and can be washed away a damp cloth when posters are removed. If walls are already marked by pin-holes cover the spots with toothpaste and smooth with a knife. The paste hardens in minutes for a fast fix.
  10. Remove a lipstick stain from clothing – apply a dab of non-gel whitening toothpaste4 on the spot. Vigorously rub the fabric together until the stain starts to disappear, then rinse with water and wash as usual. Detergents in the toothpaste will lift the stain so your shirt will look like new.

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