How to Increase Home’s Value


How to Increase Home’s Value

Now is the time for clients to improve their home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Start with the 4 home improvement basics: foundation, roof, plumbing and electrical.

Here are some fix-up steps:

Repair: Look at the state of the home, inside and out. Fix the obvious areas that need maintenance especially the roof, plumbing and electrical needs.

  1. De-clutter:  Find ways to store odds-n-ends in containers, cabinets, or donate belongings to charity. Don’t forget to remove family photos and personal items.
  2. Lighten up: Brighter, light-filled rooms are more appealing and make a house feel more spacious. Consider replacing heavy drapes with shutters, shades or blinds.
  3. Add Eco Value; Replace old windows with energy-efficient versions to reduce home energy costs and add value.
  4. Update: Water heaters, air condition units, toilets are good to update for energy and water conservation. (new ones won’t add value but will show energy efficiency)
  5. Refinish: If wood floors are looking tired, refinish them. Replace worn carpet.
  6. Kitchen clean up: The kitch is an obvious focal point for buyers. Up-grade sink and cabinets try solid surface, granite or quartz-based materials.
  7. Bathrooms: Consider upgrading, buyers frequently request double vanities and walk-in showers. Typically bathrooms are less expensive to upgrade than kitchens.
  8. Remodel: Garage shelving, cabinets and finished flooring are all possibilities
  9. Curb appeal: Spruce-up landscaping by weeding, maybe adding new plants and shrubs. Pressure wash, paint the front door and replace exterior lights. These are low cost ways to add to your curb appeal.

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