How important is a Survey?


A land survey is required by most mortgage lenders in order for you to get the money you need to purchase a home. Surveyors are licensed professionals who prepare surveys for property. The survey serves as the legal graphical depiction of the property your are buying and it allows you to see all the features of the property.



1. Function –  Surveys show the various improvements on the land, such as the home, garage and the size of the land.  Any variances, boundary lines and structures. The surveyor will study legal documents pertaining to the property, such as deeds, land documents recorded in the local county recorder’s office, when preparing the survey. He or she will visit the property to perform measurements and verify the accuracy of all existing land documents.

2. Legal Effects  –  Surveys are vital in solving property disputes about where your land ends and a neighbor’s land begins. You can use the survey to address items  owned by neighbors that are interfering with your land, such as a misplaced fence. A survey is used in court as evidence for property disputes. The survey can be used to determine if you can legally add a pool or other buildings.

3. Restrictions  –  Zoning restrictions are rules relating to the property an use imposed by a government authority. Zoning restrictions typically cover a designated area, such as a street or entire neighborhood.  Surveyors are generally knowledgeable about such restrictions and mark any violations on the survey. Common restrictions include a setback, or how far the home must be from the front or sides of the lot and size regulations on improvements such as a maximum height and width for a shed.

4. Property Rights  –  Necessary items that are used by two neighboring properties, such as a common driveway or walkway are disclosed in a survey. This disclosure allows you to evaluate the impact of the shared element on the property. Who is responsible for the cost of maintaining the joint item and the estimated amount of your portion of such costs. The survey will determine if any known easements or rights of way directly affect the property. Easements and rights of way are rights to the property granted from one property owner to a neighboring owner, owners or business, such as utility company Rights of way are general for allowing persons or entities to pass over the property. Easements are typically for land access and placement or use of a structure.

5. Considerations  –  The surveyor can identify any problems with the property’s current legal description or description of the property you are buying in words and measurements that is used for important legal documents, such as the deed.   The deed is the legal instrument used to prove your ownership of the property. An error in the legal description can result in you receiving an inaccurate deed at the time of purchase. A deed that contains errors can cause you problems later on. Pins or pipes, which were physically placed by previous surveyors are occasionally used as references in legal descriptions to establish property boundaries. The current surveyor will verify the locations of pins or pipes prior to your purchase to ensure the items have not been moved by prior owners.

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