Etiquette Tips for Business Dinners









Your Etiquette Tips for Business Dining –

  1. Eat a little something way you will focus on conversation and not food.
  2. Dress appropriately, usually recommend business casual unless otherwise stated.
  3. Silence your cell phone, turn it off or don’t take it out in presence of Host.
  4. Plan to arrive on time, on time or a little early.
  5. Shake hands with everyone, firm handshake and good eye contact. Introduce yourself and remember names to thank them later.
  6. Store your stuff under your chair. Do not place anything on the table.
  7. Wait to sit until your host sits first, or the most senior or oldest person.
  8. Place your napkin in your lap right away, as soon as you sit, take it unfold it & put it on your lap with the open end facing away from you
  9. Familiarize yourself with the place settings, generally they are placed in the order of use. Start outside & work in. Think solids on your left and liquids  on your right. Bread plate on your left.
  10. Ordering your food – order club soda with lemon or ice tea. If Host encourages wine with meal don’t drink to fast keep pace with Host.
  11. Take not at what your Host orders – this gives you an idea what to order or ask his recommendations.
  12. Be ready to place your order. Order simply, don’t ask to many questions or don’t make substitutes.
  13. Don’t order the most expensive items, this is rude.
  14. Don’t order trouble foods,  save yourself trouble and embarrassment
  15. Pour others water before yourself. It is a polite gesture others will notice.
  16. Tear your bread and butter it piece by piece. If bread comes in a loaf tear it off with fingers & place on your bread plate. Butter only as you eat it. Etiquette is to offer bread basket to the person to your left.
  17. Wait for your Host to begin easting before you start.  Wait for everyone to be served unless Host indicates that you can start eating.
  18. Hold your utensils correctly; Continental style is fork in the left, knife in the right. American style fork in left while holding food down & while you cut with the knife in your right, once you have cut a bite size place knife down on edge of your plate, transfer fork to right hand. Once you start eating your utensils including handles should never touch the table again. Whenever you put them down be sure they are resting completely on your plate, never prop upon table against your plate. Once done place utensils in finished position.
  19. Make move to pay even if you don’t expect to. Offer to pay the tip.
  20. Don’t forget to thank your Host by name. Shake their hand and make eye contact. You may want to thank them again by email and or hand written note.

That’s it  “Happy Dining”.


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