Do You know how to prepare Your Home for Sale?

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Do You know how to prepare Your Home for Sale?

Do you know how to prepare your home for sale and create Curb Appeal?

First impression – You only have 1 chance to make a first impression. And first impressions matter to Potential Buyers.

Take a short walk across the street turn and look back at your house. Now ask yourself: What is it going to take to entice a Buyer inside?

What about your Landscaping? Landscaping can be pricey, but it can make a huge difference in creating Curb Appeal.  HUGE !

Maybe it needs mowing or edging. Add or remove plants or trees. An ill-kept yard can turn away buyers. Don’t force them to use their imagination but create a welcoming view for them.

What about your driveway?  “Some believe the Journey matters more than the Destination”.  So pressure wash, fix cracks and chips or re-pave.

If the Potential Buyer sees more than you do they may ask for a discount for the fixes they forsee.

Now the house itself. Does it need pressure washing, the siding, the screens and the clean windows. Maybe replace gutters and downspouts or replace the roof. Maybe add or upgrade the light fixtures for a “Touch of Elegance”.  Even the house numbers are they clean and easy to read? Maybe even a decorative one for the house.

Remember if the potential buyers see more than you do, they may ask for a discount for the fixes they forsee.

Front Door, accenting a focal point of your homes front can range from an Agent getting the key out of a lockbox. The buyers are looking around.

If you have followed my tips on “Curb Appeal” You’ll make a HUGE  first impression and the potential buyers will be anxious to see inside.

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