Do We Stay and Pay or Walk Away?

3d human with a red question markBoy this is the question millions of homeowners in the U.S. have asked themselves.

Statistics show about 11 million U.S. Homeowners are underwater  in their mortgage, meaning they owe more on them than their homes are worth.

Many are deeply under water …..their homes will probably go into foreclosure.

Are you one of those seriously delinquent homeowners?

One who has drained your nest egg to make the mortgage payments?

Are you asking yourself is there a way to hang on enough to reach the promise land or should I abondon ship, swim to shore and start over?

I have a story about one of my clients, a Preacher who I remember saying “We’ve tried to stick it out. But guess what there is no “attaboy” for us.

We’re paying on something that seems like it won’t work out for us. And forget about Loan Modification all this help the government promised. It’s a joke! We tried that for the last eight months. They first told us you have to be behind on your payments a couple of months before they will even take a look. Then they did a phone interview, where they asked us a lot of questions about finances, it was very in depth and at the end of the call they said “Ok you look like you will qualify for this program but we need to see, this, this and this. Then instructed us to fax in the papers. Well you got it we did that more times than I care to count. We just kept hoping and praying they were listenng to us and grant us a loan modification and help us like they said in the beginning of our talks.

Well not these Banks. They got their Help, a Handout from the government but the government just let us go on hoping for help but help didn’t come. Mr Preacher said: “We kept hanging in there trying to keep it together, hold on a little longer. We used up all of our savings for the kids college and our retirement. We have had to change our spending habits. Instead of shopping at Macy’s and Dillards we shop at Target, TJ Max and Walmart. Hair cuts are every 2 -3 months instead of monthly for this family. We cut out coupons. I have to laugh because we use to throw those things away. Finally it came down to screaming, crying and praying. Now I’m saying: why are we paying this?

This is where I come in….I tell them: You can take control of your life again. You can start to live again. Stop the screaming and arguing and start enjoying each other.  Doesn’t that sound  like a better plan?

I have helped many, many people who trusted me to help them.     I take that seriously.

You know as a Mortgage Broker you advise people on the best loans for them.

As a Short Sale Expert I have been able to stop the foreclosure action for a lot of people in all walks of life by knowing the reguirements of these banks and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Yes a Short Sale is how I can help you get back your life and your families’ happiness.

I have the system that makes it easy I’ll take away your stress and anxiety. I’ll negotiate with your existing mortgage holder so you’ll go on with your life. Have some laughs, remember what that was like?

You will probably be able to rent a home of the same size and likeness as yours but at much lower monthly payment. And you can save the difference for a future home. With a Short Sale you will be able to re-establish your credit rating. In 2 -3 years you can buy another home and start building equity.

So Do You Stay and Pay or Walk Away and Start to Enjoy Life another Day?

You can watch the video I did years ago and as you can see it is still the same.  Thanks call me and I will help you. (I’ll be glad to give you phone numbers of people I have helped them. Hope to hear from you soon

Video:    https://youtube/UQYYB9L2wT4


Donna Bishop  call me: 239-560-3149   or email me:   I am here to help you!








Awesome Service: I make dreams come true. I am a Real Estate Consultant. I place great value on the needs, expectations and goals of all my clients whether buying or selling. By helping they find their perfect solution. I will truly listen to you. I have 33+ years experience in all phases of real estate. I am a Loan Modification Specialist, a Short Sale Expert, and a Successful Negotiator. A certified Senior Real Estate Specialist. Former Owner/Broker of A & B Mortgage Brokers of Fl. Plus a former Appraiser. A Professional Realtor. This experience and knowledge gives me the confidence to advise you correctly. I want you to have an Awesome Experience so you will recommend me to all the people you care about. After all, a referral is sending someone you care about to someone you respect.

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