Car Maintenance [Sidestep Surprise Repair Costs]




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When I need an auto repair, I always get a quote from a mechanic, then I tell them I’d like to get a second opinion. That’s when I go to “” a comparison site where I can type in what my car needs and get real quotes from local mechanics. The site delivers an average of four (4) quotes per request, so you can confirm that the mechanic you choose has given you a fair price.”

  1. Save tons at the service station by giving them your email address so you can receive special savings. Another way to save is by using manufacturer’s rebates and or coupons. Generally you can save 50% off the total cost of service.
  2. Get more miles per hour, while taking a family road trip I calculated my fuel economy at approximately 2 miles per gallon. On the way back home I wasn’t in a hurry, so I set the cruise control at 65 miles per hour and I watched the others sail past me. This added 30 to 40 minutes to our trip but I was amazed to see my mileage jump to nearly 26 miles per gallon. If you drive like this all year and you travel around 20,000 miles a year in a typical car, you’d be saving about $650 a year in fuel costs.
  3. One easy way to save on gas is to pay cash. Many stations charge 10 cents more per gallon for credit cards.Plus, many chains have free rewards programs, where you can get rewards like 10 cents off per gallon by spending a certain amount within a month. By going to the some chain each time, you can rack up the savings.

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