Buyers and Sellers 6 Moving Packing Tips

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Here are some creative packing tips that were shared by experts.


Glasses and cups. Insert stemware into a tube sock to prevent cracks. Also, pick up wine and beer boxes with cardboard separators to pack glasses and other fragile items. They are Free at Liquor stores.

Jewelry. Prevent necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled up by using a few empty toilet paper rolls or drinking straws. thread each chain theought the toilet roll or straw, and then fasten the clasp.

Plates. Use bubble wrap or insert paper plates between ceramic plates and stand them up in a box.

Clothing.  Slide a trash bag over hanging clothes to make them easier to carry or stack.

Linens. Use towels, sheets and dishcloths to cushion other objects. For example, roll up wooden and plastic utensils in dishtowels. Pack pillows at the top of boxes to add extra cushion and wrap artwork in blankets.

Electronics. Us the plastic tabs from bread to secure electronic cords to prevent tangles. Be sure to label them so you don’t loose track of which cord goes to which piece of equipment.  It is recommended that you snap a photo of your electronics before unplugging them so you remember how everything connects in your new home.

Thanks for reading this and I hope it helps you the next time you are packing to move.

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