Brilliant Uses for Ice Cubes!

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Check out this list of brilliant uses for ice cubes that I read somewhere;




  1. Cook up juiciest burgers – lean beef and turkey are your go-to meats for healthy burgers but because they have less fat, they dry out fast on the grill. The save: Mold each burger around an ice cube. As the patties cook, the ice melts and bastes the meat from the inside, so your burgers come off the grill juicy and tender.
  2. Deodorize a garbage disposal – over time, the buildup of food particles on the blades of your garbage disposal can start to cause an unpleasant odor in the kitchen. The fix: toss a handful of ice cubes down the disposal once a week. the sharp edges of the ice will knock debris off the blades and down the drain to keep the appliance smelling fresh.
  3. Stay cool without AC – On steamy days, when even the breeze of a fan isn’t cooling you down, try this : place a bowl of ice cubes in front of the fan , then run the fan on low speed. The mist from the ice, combined with the breeze from the fan, crates an “air conditioner” effect that lowers the room’s temperature.
  4. Soothe a teething pup – Your little darling is teething and she’s taken to gnawing on the legs of your end table to ease her ouch. To soothe her and save your furniture, put a few ice cubes in her food bowl. The ice will satisfy her need to chomp while numbing her gums for relief.
  5. Look fresh and beautiful all day – applying makeup when skin is even slightly sweaty can lead to cakey looking results. To prevent this; before applying makeup, rub an ice cube all over your face, pat dry. Ice cools the skin so your makeup goes on smooth.
  6. Safely separate stuck glasses – to pry apart two mugs or glasses, place ice cubs in the top one and soak the bottom one in warm water. the cold will make the inner cup contract while the heat causes the outer one to expand, so they separate easily.
  7. Ensure reheated rice stays fluffy -leftover rice from last night’s dinner means you don’t have to cook a side tonight, but reheating it in the microwave can make it dry and crunchy. The fix: add an ice cube to the dish, loosely cover and heat in the microwave for 2 – 3 minutes. As the ice melts, the grains absorb the moisture, giving you rice that is fluffy and delicious.
  8. Keep hard to reach plants hydrated – you love hanging flowers you placed on your porch or lanai but watering them can be a bit tricky. You either have to teeter on  a chair or step ladder as you water. Skip the hassle by tossing several ice cubes into the pots daily. The soil will absorb moisture as the cubes melt.
  9. Lift candle wax from a tablecloth – a few drips of candle wax landed on your tablecloth. To remove them, rub an ice cube over the spots repeatedly, then lift the wax with a butter knife. The ice cube will quickly freeze and harden the wax so you can remove it from the tablecloth with ease.
  10. Ease stubborn tea stains – After making gallons upon gallons of refreshing iced tea, your favorite pitcher has become discolored. The save: toss a few ice cubes inside with 4 Tbs. of sale, then swish vigorously for a few minutes. Rinse with water when finished. The abrasive texture of the salt combined with the force of swirling ice scrubs away tough stains.

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