Brilliant Uses for Coffee Filters



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Here are the Top Ten




#1 Entertain your cat for pennies; for a quick, inexpensive toy she’ll love, ball up a clean coffee filter, spritz with catnip spray and let her bat the filter around the room. The coffee filter’s strong woven fibers will retain the catnip scent and hold up to an afternoon of play.

#2 If your favorite plant is losing soil from the drainage holes on the bottom of the planter, which can lead to a loss of nutrients and expose the roots, not to mention crate a muddy mess under the pot. What to do: when you repot the plant, line the inside of the planter with a coffee filter. The filter is porous enough to allow air and water through while keeping the soil from escaping.

#3 Rust proof your cast-iron skillet; The damp air at this time of year can cause your trusty cast-iron skillet to develop rust while it’s not in use. To prevent this, store the pan with a coffee filter spread out on the inside surface. The filter will help absorb any excess moisture, leaving your skillet in perfect condition.

#4 Stop a little nick from bleeding, if you get a paper cut or nick yourself with your razor while shaving. Stop the bleeding fast with this trick; Cut a small strip from a coffee filter and apply the paper to the spot. The filter’s fibers will absorb the blood and help stop the bleeding without leaving behind bits of link like tissues or toilet paper would.

#5 Protect fine china from scratches; to ensure your china stays safe in storage, place a coffee filter between each plate or cup. This will prevent the pieces from rubbing against one another and getting scratched. Bonus; the filters will keep dishes dust free so they’re ready to use at a moments notice.

#6 Make lipstick last longer; after applying lipstick blot lips with a coffee filter, then brush lips with a little face powder then brush off. The filter lets just enough powder through to set the color and won’t leave lips fuzzy like a tissue does.

#7 Get beautifully smooth legs; when you run out of wax strips, reach for the coffee filters! Using scissors, cut each filter into a few strips and press over the warm wax. Coffee filters’ fibers are woven together tights, so they can withstand being yanked as well as professional strips.

#8 Prolong the life of your leafy greens, Often times they wilt before you can use them all up. To ward off the waste, place a coffee filter in the lettuce bag or container. The filter will absorb the excess moisture that causes wilting, keeping the greens crisp and delicious for days longer. Replace daily for best results.

#9 Leave window crystal clear. For an easy way to get your windows spotless and streak-free, spray them with glass cleaner, then use coffee filters to wipe them clean and dry. The texture of the filters is perfect for gently scrubbing away grime and their close knit fibers quickly absorb the glass cleaning liquid to diminish streaking. Plus sine coffee filters are sturdier than paper towels, they do the job without leaving behind lint.

#10 Easily fix a wine cork mishap. Oops! the cork came apart as your were opening a bottle wine for friends. Instead of fishing out pieces of cork from each glass, simply hold a coffee filter over a pitcher or carafe and pour in the wine. The filter’s pores will let the wine run through while straining out the bits of cork, so you and your guests can sip without worry.


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