Top 6 Tips for New Homeowner

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These are the 6 things I recommend you do before moving into your new home.

  1. Change the locks as you never know how many keys are out there.
  2. Check plumbing leaks – a dripping faucet and a running toilet, also the water heater.  Check your water meter at the beginning and again in two hours when NO water is being used. If the reading is different you have a leak.
  3. Steam clean carpets so you start off fresh.
  4. Wipe out cabinets – a no-brainer before you move in your dishes and supplies.
  5. Get rid of any bugs & mouse enemies. Pest control is a must whether you do it or you have a professional company.
  6. Circuit breaker and main water valve.. these are a good thing to get familiar with before you have a problem.

There are many more tips but these are the top six.

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