5 Easy Tips to Your Florida Friendly Yard


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Want a Florida Friendly Yard?   Follow these easy tips. 

Florida homeowners can save themselves time, money and energy in their yards while doing their part to protect the state’s ecosystems, wildlife and water supply.

1.  Choose the Right Plants-  Select low-maintenance plants suited to your yard conditions; soil, light, climate and moisture level. Group plants with similar light, water, and nutritional needs together. Select plants that won’t require frequent pruning.

2.  Water Efficiently-  Water plants only when they need it. Don’t be afraid of a little wilting. (Wilting shows you that plants are ready for water. Run your irrigation system or sprinkler in the early morning so wind and sun don’t evaporate the water before it can reach the roots.

3. Collect and Use Rainwater-  Install a rain barrel. You can buy one at a garden center or Home Depot or Lowe’s,  or you can build one to suit your needs. Rain barrels can help save water for use during drier times of the year. Use materials like mulch or gravel. Put mulch around plants and trees to help keep soil moist.

4. Fertilize Appropriately-  Fertilize only when needed, using a fertilizer containing slow-release nitrogen. Always read the label and follow directions. Compost other soil amendments can improve soil health which in turn improves plants health. And remember, grass doesn’t always need fertilizer to stay green. Adding supplemental potassium in the winter and iron in the summer are other options for improving color.

5.Raise Mower Blades-  Always us the highest recommended setting for your grass species. Higher mowing encourages deeper rooting, which allows grass to survive dry spells better and resist pests and disease more easily.

“Happy Gardening”


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