10 Brilliant Uses for [Pennies]

  1. 1982 PennySilence Badger’s barking….If your pup barks at everything from the letter carrier to the wind, try this; add a handful of pennies to an empty soda can, then use duct tape to seal it. When he barks, shake the can. The noise will startle him and he will stop barking. soon he’ll realize the sound of clanking coins is a negative outcome of barking and he’ll lean to stay quiet.
  2. Tighten a loose screw….One of the legs on your coffee table is wobbling, and you can’t find your flathead screwdriver to tighten it. The in-a-pinch substitute? A penny. Simply insert the coin into the slot on the top of the screw, then press down and twist clockwise. A penny fits perfectly into the slot of medium and large flathead screws. Problem solved.
  3. Open a stubborn lid with ease… No matter how much you try, the lid on the jar of sauce just won’t budge. The solution: hold a penny on an angle and carefully wedge it between the lid and the top of the glass jar, then press up and out. This allows a bit of air to get into the vacuum-sealed jar, making the lid easy to twist off.
  4.  Extend the life of fresh flowers… You love bringing blooms inside to display, but they seem to wilt after only a few days. Help flowers thrive by dropping a penny stamped with a date prior to 1982 into the vase. The copper found in these older coins acts as a natural antibacterial agent to help your flowers stay perky.
  5.  Create makeshift pie weights…You’re trying a new pie recipe for the block party, but you don’t have pie weights to blind-bake the crust. Try this; Line the crust with foil, tope with 25 pennies and bake. The weight keeps the dough from bubbling and the metal conducts heat for the perfect crust.
  6. Get your arms tank-top ready… You’d like to start working out, but you’d rather not invest in dumbbells. To make your own hand weights, cut a small slit in two tennis balls and fill with pennies.  Voila – easy grip dumbbells !
  7. Ensure your curtains hang straight …Your new drapes are looking a bit crooked. Instead of shelling out cash for store bought drapery weights, tuck a few pennies inside the bottom hem. The coins fit perfectly in the fold of most hems and the weight gently pulls on the bottom of the fabric so your drapes look fabulous.
  8. Make a coffeepot look like new …To remove residue from the inside of a coffeepot without scrubbing, drop a handful of pennies and 2 Tbs. of vinegar in it. Let sit for a few minutes, then swirl the pot around repeatedly. Dump out the pennies and vinegar before rinsing the pot with boiling water. The vinegar’s acetic acid helps dissolve residue while the edges of the pennies work to scrape it away.
  9.  Stop flies from invading a picnic… Your annual Memorial Day or 4th of July gathering is a treasured time with loved ones, but pesky flies are always uninvited guests. To deter them, fill a resealable clear plastic bag with water, then drop a few pennies inside. Attach a string to the bag and tie it to a nearby tree. The light reflecting off the pennies will be bothersome to bugs, so they’ll buzz off, allowing you and yours to enjoy a pest-free afternoon.
  10. Repel slugs from garden….An easy way to prevent slugs from destroying your garden; place a circle of pennies dated before 1982 in the soil around the base of any vulnerable plants. The copper in these older coins gives slugs a tiny shock upon contact, ensuring they’ll keep their distance.


I hope these little tips make your life easier so you can enjoy all.

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