10 Brilliant uses for Beer








1. Keep wasps away from your BBQ: Fill a mason jar halfway with beer and poke a small hole in the lid. Wasps are attracted to the sugar and protein in beer, so they will fly into the jar and won’t be able to escape.

2. Easily loosen a rusty screw; to loosen it, soak a rag in beer, tie it around the screw and let sit for an hour. The beer’s carbonic acid will dissolve the rust so you can unscrew the bolt with ease.

3. Tenderize tough cuts of meat; Marinate meat in beer for a few hours before grilling. Beer’s natural acids will soften the muscle fibers that make meat tough. Bonus; studies show that soaking meat in dark beer before grilling cuts levels of compounds that have been liked to cancer in half.

4. De-skunk Fido’s coat; To deodorize your pup after a run-in with a skunk, mix two bottles of beer with 2 Tbs. of vanilla extract and work into his coat. Let sit for 5 minutes;rinse, then bathe him as usual. The beer’s yeast cultures penetrate the water-resistant oils in sunk spray.

5. Add oomph to limp locks; If your hair is looking dull and flat, try: mix 1/4 cup of beer with 1/2 cup of water and rub into freshly washed hair. Let sit for 5 minutes then rinse. The B vitamins and proteins in beer heal damaged cuticles and add lift to roots.

6. Restore sine to copper pots;  Dip a clean cloth in a light-colored beer and use it to polish the spots then rinse  and buff dry. The beer’s acid will break up the dark copper oxide that causes stains.

7. Reveal a youthful complexion; Wisk together 1/2 cup of beer, 1 egg white, and 2 tsp. of lime juice apply all over your skin. Wait 10 minutes then rinse. Beer’s vitamins, hops and yeast hydrate, exfoliate and improve skin’s elasticity. And the protein in eggs tightens pores while the vitamin C in lime fades brown spots.

8. Pamper achy tired feet; Fill a basin with enough cold beer to cover your feet and soak for 15 minutes. The beer’s cold temperature and carbonation will instantly refresh achy feet, and its yeast will soften skin and smooth calluses. Bonus; the alcohol and hops will kill odor-causing bacteria, leaving feet smelling fresh.

9. Polish wood furniture for pennies; soak a cloth in flat beer and use it to buff the wood. The alcohol will cut through dust and grime while beer’s proteins seal in moisture. And the color of the malt brings out the wood’s he. When you’re finished, rub the wood dry with a clean cloth to remove any beer odor.

10. Green up yellowed grass; the secret to a lush lawn; Fertilize with beer! Pour half beer and half water in a watering can and sprinkle just enough to wet the grass. Landscapers say the brew’s fermented sugars nourish the grass and bacteria in the soil that prime the lawn for growth.

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